Platform-Specific Views: Multi-Vendor SAN Infrastructure Part 2

By Brett Allison

Each distributed system platform has unique nuances. In Part 1 of this blog, I demonstrated how having a single view to manage your multi-vendor SAN infrastructure helped ensure performance and understand the overall health, performance and capacity. What is equally important to these common views is a solution that is capable of getting the detailed performance data capable of supporting vendor specific architectures.

New storage system platforms are popping up every year, and it’s impossible to stay ahead of all of them and provide the detailed, intelligent, performance views necessary to manage your SAN infrastructure and prevent incidents. However, IntelliMagic Vision supports a wide variety of SAN platforms for which we provide our end-to-end capabilities.

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How Effective is Your Adaptive Flash Cache?


By Brett Allison


Have you ever wondered whether3PAR you should enable Adaptive Flash Cache on your HPE 3PAR?

Adaptive Optimization (AO) is HPE 3PARs automatic tiering solution. It provides the user with several performance and capacity related parameters for influencing the behavior of the automatic tiering. I covered this in detail in a recent whitepaper about HPE 3PAR AO. One of the findings from that study was that in this particular customer’s environment there were too many I/Os on the 450 GB 10K RPM drives and there were not enough I/Os on the SSDs. The result was that the 450 GB 10K RPM drives were running at nearly 100% busy all the time. My suggestion was to enable Adaptive Flash Cache (AFC)  by allocating some of the under-utilized SSD capacity. AFC supplements DRAM with NAND flash devices to cache small (<64 KB) frequently accessed read blocks and ultimately to improve read response time. Continue reading