Brent Phillips

Brent PhillipsBrent Phillips is the Managing Director of IntelliMagic in the Americas. With a history of technology entrepreneurship, he started the IntelliMagic US operations in 2005. Brent has been working with enterprise software for over 30 years, starting in IT operations while in university and later as a systems programmer.

In his capacity as Managing Director of the Americas region, Brent has met with IT executives and technical staff throughout the Americas to discuss strategic issues such as using AI to overcome skills gap issues, increase predictability of performance and capacity planning, reduce software costs, automate infrastructure testing for application development teams, and validate application infrastructure service levels for sites using outsourcing services.

Brent has worked with mainframes for over 30 years, starting in operations mounting tapes in University, onto systems programming, and then to designing, developing and supporting software for mainframe environments. Prior to IntelliMagic, he co-founded Entact Information Security Corp. in 1999 and sold it to ASG Software Solutions in 2002.  Brent has also served as the President of Consul’s US operations, and has spent 8 years in a key management role at Teubner & Associates (acquired by Esker Software). He earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Oklahoma State.