Dr. Gilbert Houtekamer

Dr. Gilbert Houtekamer is one of the owners and managing directors of IntelliMagic. He holds a Ph.D. from the Delft University of Technology. He has over 25 years of experience in I/O performance analysis, and has numerous publications on this topic, including the book “MVS I/O Subsystems” that he wrote with Pat Artis. Gilbert is a frequent speaker at industry events such as CMG. Prior to founding IntelliMagic, Gilbert was CEO and co-founder of Consul, an enterprise security software company.

Brett Allison

Brett Allison is a senior consultant with IntelliMagic focusing on storage performance management for distributed systems environments.  Prior to joining IntelliMagic he spent 12 years in IBM Global services where he architected and implemented storage performance management and capacity planning tools and services.  He has extensive performance analysis experience in SAN fabric, operating systems such as AIX, Windows, Solaris, and Linux and application environments including J2EE.  He co-authored ‘DS8000 Performance Monitoring and Tuning’ and has spoken numerous times at conferences including CMG and the IBM Storage Symposium.

Lee LaFrese

Lee LaFrese has joined IntelliMagic as a senior storage performance consultant in March, 2012. Lee has worked at IBM for more than 30 years where he was the technical lead in product development for Enterprise Disk Storage Performance in Tucson, AZ. During his career, he has written over 20 whitepapers and made numerous technical presentations on a wide variety of performance topics spanning both mainframe and distributed storage. Lee is one of the best-known and respected storage performance experts in the industry.

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