Dave Heggen

Dave HeggenDave Heggen is a Storage Performance Consultant on the technical services team. Heggen has over thirty-five years of data processing experience, including 29 years with IBM Corporation – the last 10 years at IBM in the America’s Storage Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) program. Heggen’s specialty is the IBM DS8000 Enterprise Storage Server with emphasis on Enterprise Server (Mainframe-z/OS) Storage Management, Data Migration, Installation Planning, Customer Satisfaction and Security. He authored the DS8000 Technical Delivery and Assessment Guide for six years (and the ESS SAPR Guide for two years). As a speaker at the IBM Storage Technical University 2010, held in Washington DC, he presented on the following topics: DS8000 Full Disk Encryption, IBM Storage Secure Data Erasure, DS8000 Release 5 Topics and DS8000 Thin Provisioning. Heggen is also a co-author of the IBM Redbook, “Converting to DFSMS/hsm, a Practical Approach.”