Health Check for Your z/OS Systems Should Include Coupling Facility Activity


As another New Year begins, most of us are open to some new practices that improve life both at home and at work. Probably the most common challenge we face personally in the new year is our weight. I put on my share, and it’s never easy to get back on track! Reducing calories on the intake side is a good start, however, coupled with a regular regimen of exercise, diet has a multiplying effect. Suddenly, the effects of exercise go far beyond the goal that drove the change in activity, and it pervades other areas.

It’s no different in IT.

(Here’s a reference of the exercise multiplier and an example article showing the many other exercise benefits.)

Whether you have just completed your year-end budgets or not, it won’t be long before cost pressures, time pressures and all the other pressures of new projects squeeze many of us into ‘surviving the next day’ versus moving along a progressive path of improvement. I’ve been there.

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How are my Disk Storage Systems doin’?

stuartphoto1By Stuart Plotkin

Question markEd Koch was mayor of New York City for 12 years. He was famous for stopping people on the streets and asking them, “How am I doin’?” I have met many IT professionals who have asked the same question about their disk storage systems.

“How are they doing? Are my users getting the best possible performance? Are we about to have a catastrophe? Do I need to order more? Am I ordering too much? Am I making the most use of what I have? Tell me my level of ‘risk’.”

Ed was defining the metric to measure how well he was doing by how people felt about how he was doing. A mayor should try to make people feel good, but there are other metrics as well, like a city’s financial solvency as just one example. When it comes to storage systems, what are the metrics that will tell us how well our storage systems are doing? Continue reading